Commercial Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance


Mowing, Trimming, and Edging

Our mowing professionals will keep your grass beautifully maintained throughout the growing season. Custom striped turf, mechanically edged walks and curbs, along with weekly trimming will maintain your property's desired appearance.  Our team will also pick up and remove any debris over 3' in size before mowing to help keep your community clean!

No property is too big for us, whether it is large open mowing or around a office, we can take care of it all.  Our commercial maintenance teams will put together a plan that will proivide you with a wide variety of solutions for the different size turf areas.


Tree and Shrub Pruning

Trimming and pruning is a necessary part of encouraging vigorous and healthy growth for any tree or shrub. While trimming keeps your shrubs looking great and their growth controlled, pruning prevents weak spots, disease , tree rub (two branches touching) and dead branches on your trees.


Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

Best done prior to the start and near the end of the mowing season, spring & fall cleanups keep the turf and landscaping of your property free of unwanted debris. Spring cleanups include trimming grasses and most perennials, along with blowing leaves and other debris out of the beds and vacuuming them up with a lawn vacuum. Fall cleanups consist of cleaning leaves out of landscape beds, trimming of most perennials and bagging the leaves on your property.